Citizen Eco-Drive.... wat is dat?

Wat is Eco-Drive?

Eco-Drive is a by Citizen patented technique which is capable to use sunlight and artificial light as an energy source for watches. This technology goes a step further than any other solar techniques. Sun or artificial light makes its way through the crystal and the dial. Under the dial there’s a microcell that catches the light and turns it into energy that makes the watch run. The energy is being stored in a reloadable battery which makes the watch run frictionless. After the battery is fully loaded the watch can stay in the dark without paying on functionality, thanks to the Eco-Drive system, even for an amount of time. Citizen was one of the first companies that invested extremely in the development of solar technology. That turned into world’s first analog watch with microcell battery, the “Cryston Solar Cell”.

Het eerste horloge met een

Due to the innovative and environmentally friendly technology, the Eco Citizen watch was rewarded with the “Eco” mark in 1996. Reasons for this reward: No battery changes necessary and the battery does’nt contain any metal what can be harmful for health. An Eco-Drive watch has a triple value: Social value (green energy), economical value (never have to change a battery again) and psychological value (feeling of trust).

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